PMS and Marriage

pms Have you ever noticed that at a certain time of the month, your husband just starts doing everything he can to annoy you? He talks weird and he walks weird and he smells funny, and he leaves his socks on the floor and he doesn’t check the mail, and you can tell him something six times, and he doesn’t get it, and you just want to grab him by the neck and shake him? And then he looks at you and says, “Is it that time of the month?” which only makes you want to shake him more, because he’s right, but you don’t want to admit that he’s right?

Poor husbands. They take the brunt of it when their wives get PMS. But it’s not really their wives’ fault – women are wired a certain way. When we’re fertile, we find our husbands very attractive. When it’s that time of the month, we want nothing to do with them. It’s nature’s way of propagating the species and to allow our systems to reset themselves.

Some women aren’t affected much at all by their changing hormones – they might get a little testy, or they might crave pizza – and then they’re off and running again. Other women turn into raging beasties, complete with fangs and claws. Um, I would be one of the latter. So what can we do with ourselves?

First, I recommend telling your husband that your time of the month is coming. This gives him a chance to mentally prepare, and maybe even to buy that train ticket he’s been contemplating. At any rate, it will give him a heads up so that when the claws come out, he knows what’s behind it and not to take it too personally . You might work out a deal where he takes the kids out to McDonald’s for a couple of hours so you can relax in the quiet house and de-stress. Allow him to be part of the solution … and of course, talk this all over ahead of time, before you’re ready to strangle him.

Second, I would check out your healthy fat intake. Women need a certain amount of fat in their diets for proper hormone control, but in our low-fat world, we’ve been told not to eat it. Of course you don’t want to load down on your unhealthy fats, but think about avocados, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, sunflower seeds, peanuts and almonds—all of them just bursting with the kind of fat your body needs.

Third, you can reduce your intake of foods that contain hormones. Eggs, milk, cheese, and meat are all filled with animal hormones that act funny with human hormones.

If it really seems to be out of control, you can talk to your doctor about tests and possible medical intervention.

Of all these steps, the one that will affect your marriage the most is the first – open communication with your spouse. He may not understand what’s happening to you. Sit down with him and explain how you feel when you have PMS. Ask him to be a partner in helping you, and explain that you don’t mean to turn into a barracuda woman. Loving communication is the way to solve almost any problem, and this is no exception.

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