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With kids home on spring break, now is the perfect time to get those little minds working for a good cause.

My seven-year-old is a poet and she knows it, so instead of straining my brain to come up with original prose to add to my Easter-themed scrapbook, I’m letting her take charge.

Depending on the age of your child, you may have to offer a bit more assistance. For example, when working with younger children, consider having them fill in the blanks to phrases, such as: I love Easter because… or Easter means (blank) to me.

Another option is to write a line, such as: “Easter candy and pretty baskets delivered by a fluffy bunny,” and then let your child write the next line, making sure that the last word rhymes with “bunny.”

Older children may want to flex their creative muscle with very little help from you. If this is the case, simply give your kid a title or a few words to use as inspiration, including: “The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever,” “Coloring Eggs,” “Happy Hopping Bunnies,” “The Little Chicks,” or “Following the Bunny Trail.”

Easter haikus are another easy possibility. Also, keep in mind that poems don’t have to rhyme. Your three-year-old may prefer to shout out words that remind her of Easter. Jot them down and try to place them in a limerick or free verse poem. Then, add her name and age at the bottom of the entry to preserve her literary efforts before placing it in your scrapbook.

My daughter loves to read other poems to gain inspiration for her writings. The following poem from Bethany Roberts is one of her favorites:

Chocolate Rabbit

I got a chocolate rabbit

For an Easter treat,

A great big chocolate rabbit,

Good enough to eat.

So I ate his ears on Sunday,

his nose I finished Monday,

Tuesday I nibbled on his feet.

I ate his tail on Wednesday,

Thursday I kept on,

By Friday he was going,

Saturday he was gone.

Oh, I loved that chocolate rabbit,

From the moment that he came,

And if I get another one,

I’ll love him just the same.

PoemsForFree.com as well as KidsGen.com offers an array of fabulous Easter-themed poems that you can have your children read to whet their appetite for writing. Or, if you find that your kid has no interest in putting pen to paper, you can browse through the selections and add a few directly to your Easter layout.

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