Politically Correct Emails

Listen you all… this is important. Emails are hard-copied versions of words that once sent, cannot be taken back. This is critical to remember, whenever you send an email. However, it is super critical when the email is work related or sent from your employer’s email account.

Many employers have become paranoid about how their employees use email. Therefore, whether they are open about it or not, they are often watching you and your email account. Yes, it may sound like a scary big brother episode. Still, look at it from the company’s perspective. If you send an email out with their name on it (as most companies have their name attached to your email address), it can quickly come back to haunt them if something goes wrong.

Given this, I want to caution you to always (let me say it again… ALWAYS) use caution with emails. Even if you are simply complaining about your boss to your friend via your yahoo account, these words are now written in technological stone. If it ends up in the wrong hands, it may mean the end of your career.

Words are powerful. Emails can be equally powerful. All your emails should be carefully written and scrutinized… no matter who you are sending them to. Don’t email your hubby a sexy note from your office. Don’t send an emotional email to a coworker. Don’t complain about your company to a friend.

Whenever you write an email, imagine how your boss would react to it? How your mom would react to it? If you are already squirming, then don’t hit that send button. Save those heated communications for a face to face.

Also, imagine what if you accidentally sent it to the wrong person. I assume this has happened to you before! It is common mistake to mistype an email address. It is also a common mistake to hit “reply all” instead of just “reply.” Work emails in particular, should always be PG rated, politically correct, and public. If yours don’t fit this description, don’t send them!

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