Politics 101: Barack Obama on Education

Education is a big concern in this election, in part I believe because so many feel that the No Child Left Behind Act was at best, inadequate. So what exactly does Barack Obama, if elected President plan to do about it?

Zero to Five Plan: Under Obama’s early plan, parents and their young children would be supported. Something that’s interestingly different is that the plan starts at. . .zero. Infant education, Obama feels, is a critical element to help prepare children for kindergarten. His idea is to promote federally funded grants that would enable state agencies to implement their own zero to five plan. He also would like to see states voluntarily move towards universal preschool. Along with this, he plans to create more funding to promote Early Head Start and Head Start as well as provide affordable high-quality day care for working families.

Reforms to No Child Left Behind–The first step to reforming NCLB is to make it a priority in funding so that schools can implement the programs necessary for improvement. He also would like to improve the assessments that are given so that teachers are not spending their year teaching students in preparation for filling out bubbles. He also would like to reform the bill so that the schools that need help are getting help rather than being punished when they don’t make the mark.

Recruiting Math and Science Teachers–Obama will recruit math and science degree graduates into the teaching field. He would also like to work to improve the science curriculum in all the schools so that every elementary child has access to a strong science curriculum.

The Drop Out Crisis–Obama will address the drop-out crisis by passing legislation that he’s already written to provide funding for middle schools to create intervention programs before students drop out.

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