Politics 101: Focus on U.S. State Senator John McCain

john mccain Yesterday, I introduced my role in the politics blog: to talk about and educate on issues and information that is being thrown out there in this presidential election. This is a historic election on several fronts. I think most notable and recognizable is that this will be the first time that we will have either an African American or a woman running. But McCain has his own notability to talk about.

What I find very interesting about the McCain campaign, is that when you read his bio on his page, it talks almost exclusively about his military service. It is notable and in my opinion, commendable. Even after having been released from the “Hanoi Hilton” (nickname given to POW camp during Vietnam) he went back to regain his Naval flight status. He ended his career in the military in 1981. The last President we had who has a notable and lengthy military career was Eisenhower. There is no doubt that McCain campaign wants to capitalize on his military service.

Overview of Major Issues

I will go more in depth on these issues and compare each candidate’s position. But for now, let’s take a look at the basic issues and beliefs of Senator John McCain.

*Economic Growth
John McCain supports a summer off from gasoline taxes. That’s a whopping 18.4 cents per gallon! He also wants to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, saying that it is adequate for now, and filling it raises the demand and need for off shore oil. (Doing this will essentially drive the price of gas down as the demand goes down.)

John McCain wants to do away with the AMT (alternative minimum tax) which will save the average middle class family with children about $2,700 per year. Also, he wants to double the exemptions for dependents.

*Health Care
The best word to describe John McCain’s health care platform is individual responsibility. He favors taking health care dollars and allowing individual families to spend them (in the form of a tax exemption.) He also addresses autism and prevention as means to combat the rising cost of health care.

Keep coming back for the rest of the overview on McCain’s platform as well as a look at Obama and Clinton.

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