Portraits and Layouts

Portraits seem to be a challenge for many scrapbookers to turn into layouts. I’m not sure if it is because you are left with so many pictures, a very common complaint. Or if it is because of the many different sizes you receive in a portrait package. Perhaps its because not all portraits are captured at a studio, or you get the shots yourself, and most scrapbookers want to make the perfect layout to go with them. I have no idea what it is, but I am on a quest to make scrapbooking your portraits easier.

There are several factors I discussed as being a problem when scrapbooking portraits. First, you have the problem that in a package, typically all of the pictures are exactly the same. That can be annoying when sitting down to scrapbook. Especially because many scrapbookers don’t like using only one picture on a page. Ways to conquer that will be put it in a later article in this series.

Another factor is the number of portraits that come in a package. Some packages have hundreds of various sizes of the exact same photograph. Great if you have hundreds of people to share with, but that isn’t very likely. Even with five children, a very large extended family and a number of friends that request photos of the kids, still we are left with dozens at the end.

One of the other common complaints I hear about is the tiny pictures that are often included in studio packages. Sometimes they are so tiny that it is difficult to see any reason why they even created the photograph to begin with. In addition, many of them come on sticker sheets, which means they are more of a challenge to work with.

Are there any other problems you face with portraits that I can help with? This is the start of a 5 article series, dealing with portraits and scrapbooking the layouts.

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