Postage Stamp Increase on Hold

It looks like there will be no new postage increase for 2011. Regulators have rejected the proposed postage price increase as of September 30th.

Back in July, the Postal Service met to discuss an increase in the postal rate hike. For most of us, we are concerned with the regular first class stamp. The proposal would have raised the cost of that first class stamp from 44 cents to 46 cents.

When I reported on the possible rate increase, I suggested that you keep an eye out for the increase and purchase forever stamps. Forever stamps can be used, well, forever, the post office says, not matter how many increases happen since the time you purchase them.

While I do do a lot of mailings, I am one that doesn’t complain too much about postal rate increases, especially when it comes to first class stamps. This is because I think that there is great value in the cost of the stamp. For less than 50 cents, I can send a letter anywhere in the country. To me, that is still amazing. it is one of the most frugal services that we have available.

The post office is struggling to make ends meet. it is looking at losses of $7 billion this year and next year. it is scrambling to survive. Did you know that the post office is the only branch of the government that is independent and not supported by taxes?

I could see how the increase would have affected us in other ways. The increase would also be attached to other mail, such as shipping of goods. That means that for shopping online, costs would probably increase. For example, Netflix would probably have a cost increase in the millions.

As a person who still hasn’t gotten on the Netflix bandwagon, buys most thing used and offline and still thinks that an actual handwritten letter can be powerful, I wonder more about how the Postal Service will pull out of this debt.

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