Potpourri of Cheap Summer Fun


Are you running out of affordable ways to keep your kids busy during the last days of summer vacation?

August is quickly coming to an end, but for some families, money for summer fun ran out a long time ago. Now is the perfect time to use up any supplies you might have leftover from early summer projects or parties. For example, if you have any extra water balloons in your home fill them up and place them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. When your kids start singing the “I’m bored” blues, cut away the balloon and let them play with the fun-shaped frozen water. To add some spice to the frozen creations, add a few drops of food coloring to the balloons prior to filling them with water. The colorful crystal balls are great additions to pools, tubs and water tables.

Another cheap thrill for kids requires mixing one tablespoon of self-rising flour, a few drops of food coloring, and a tablespoon of salt. Have kids mix the ingredients in a bowl with some water until a smooth paste is formed. Next, give each child a paint brush and allow him or her to design a picture on a piece of cardboard using the flour mixture. When the picture is complete, microwave the decorated piece of cardboard for about 20 seconds or until the paint gets puffy. This inexpensive alternative to store-bought puffy paint should keep your kids entertained for a while. Just be sure you monitor their use of the microwave during the creative process.

Finally, a very affordable and highly educational project that will keep your children busy during the last days of summer is to write a letter to a U.S. solider stationed overseas. Pen Pals for Soldiers is a reputable program designed to encourage kids to boost the morale of service men and women while they are away from home serving their country. The group provides the names of military personnel and children can write to them as often as they choose. The project is a wonderful way to teach kids about what life is like as a solider or sailor. It also allows children to work on their writing skills. Likewise, by having a pen pal, soldiers won’t be forgotten during mail call.

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