Potty Training Our Son Part IV

We continued putting our son in diapers for several more weeks. During this time he also found the potty book and started asking us to read it to him again. After reading the potty book to him for what seemed like the millionth time, I started to ask him again when he thought he would like to go pee and poop in the potty like Joshua. We tried again and spent the next few days at home so that our son would have easy access to the bathroom. Unfortunately, the only results that came of our latest attempts potty training was lots of urine saturated underwear and pants and several incidents of poop on the floor. I was feeling extremely defeated (not to mention that scrubbing poop out of the carpet is super gross). To my dismay, it seemed that he was still not ready to potty train.

I was hoping that I could get our son potty trained without having to get a actual training potty. I remember the mess of the mini potty from my younger siblings and I was trying to avoid getting one. After several failed attempts, I discerned that we needed to give the child size potty a shot. The week before Easter we had a play date with the cousins and during our visit we (the moms) were talking about the horrors of potty training and she offered to loan us her son’s training potty. I brought it home and it sat in its bag for a couple of days before I took it out and set it up in the bathroom. Our son eyed it for the next few days and even asked if it was a potty like Joshua’s. I wanted him to kind of initiate the use of the new potty, but he still did not seem too interested.

(To be continued …)