Practical Pen Budget Storage Ideas and Tips

There are dozens of pen or marker types, styles, brands and tips for scrapbookers. With all the different sizes and shapes and then the rules, it is difficult to figure out a good storage method for your writing utensils. Here are several different tips to help.

First, the rules.

  • If it is a basic writing pen or a pen designed to do journaling, these pens are usually single tipped (meaning they only write one way) and they can be stored any way you want – vertical, horizontal or upside down. Though I recommend upside down vertically to keep the ink at the correct end of the pen.
  • If the pen is a gel pen, it is definitely recommended to store them vertically upside down, with the tip in the bottom of whatever storage method you have chosen. This is to keep the thicker gel ink down towards the tip so it doesn’t dry out or become difficult to use.
  • If the writing utensil happens to be a Zig Twin Double Tipped Marker such as the Scroll and Brush or the Writers with the fine tip and bullet tip, they must be stored horizontally. This is to ensure even distribution of the ink to both ends of the marker.

Budget Methods

There are dozens of budget methods to store pens no matter the type.

Budget Vertical Ideas:

You can paint, or alter a Terra Cotta pot to match your scrap space. You can use soup cans, coffee cans, plastic containers and alter them or paint them. Glass jars from mayonnaise or pickles can be used as well, and also painted or altered or left as is. Be sure to wash anything thoroughly so that no remaining residue is present. These methods work best for the gel pens, blow pens or regular journaling pens.

Budget Horizontal Ideas:

Methods for horizontal storage are few and far between, but they do exist. I found this nifty little Rubbermaid Three-drawer Tower (left) at Target for about $7.50. It is also available at several online stores as well as office supply stores.

I also found this little 6×6 Eldon Shelf Savers X-Cube (right) that I found on Amazon for only $7.50 per cube. You can stack them up and create more space. You can also get these off of Ebay, and office supply stores.

In addition, the following products work well for horizontal storage for pens and markers, all found at (L. to R.) 6 compartment Prism Box, IDS Box, Solutions 6-36 Compartment Box. There are dozens of other options available on the site, all for under $10.00.

If you need even more pen storage and want it to be handy, this little item retails at just about $30 and can be stored flat yet assembled vertical for when you are working. (Artbin Supply Caddy 6913AM)

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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