Practice Makes Perfect

Practice does make perfect when shooting photos and posing for them. With senior portrait season in full swing, now is the time for teens to put their best face forward.

High school senior photos document a major milestone in a student’s life. The moment when a teen is preparing to start the next chapter in his or her life is a momentous occasion. Capturing this special time is important for students and their families, which is why it’s critical to make the most of a senior photo session.

The following are tips to consider before you pose for some of the most memorable pictures of your life:

Practice: Don’t be embarrassed to practice your smile and facial expressions in front of a mirror prior to your portrait session. Relax and experiment with a variety of smiles and poses. Your eyes and body language tell a story, so your goal should be to appear as natural as possible. Forget about flashing a cheesy grin; rather, get comfortable and let your true colors shine.

Share samples: If there is a portrait that you admire from a magazine or a friend’s session, bring the photo with you when your appointment rolls around. Show the image to your photographer and have him/her work with you to duplicate it.

Get to know your photographer: If possible, it’s a good idea to meet with your photographer prior to your session. Use this time to discuss different pose options and props. The meeting will also allow you to get comfortable with the person taking your photo. This comfort level will yield better shots.

Clothing choices: Be careful about wearing trendy clothing to your portrait session. Senior photos should reflect a classic nature. Try to stay away from bright colors and busy prints. In addition, you don’t want to show too much skin. Very low necklines should be avoided since they draw attention away from the face. Earthy tones, such as blues and browns, tend to be most flattering on teens.

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