Practicing Prenatal Yoga at Home

Prenatal yoga offers many benefits. It was my favorite form of exercise during pregnancy. Yoga strengthens and tones your muscles to help prepare you for labor. For me, the relaxed feeling I’d get after practicing yoga was the big draw. It was perfect for stress relief.

You can attend a prenatal yoga class at your local studio. A class is great if you can afford it and find the time to get to class. I couldn’t find the time for classes when I was pregnant with my fourth baby. Fortunately, yoga can be easily practiced at home with the right equipment.

You can practice yoga on any hard flooring. Make sure you have plenty of room around your mat for moving easily through the poses. You will want to choose an area that is located near the television and DVD player, if you will be following a DVD. Some women use a CD of yoga music and create their own workout. If you are experienced with yoga, you may want to try this.

Most people choose to practice with a prenatal yoga DVD. With a DVD, you will be sure that the poses you are using are safe for your stage of pregnancy. There are many on the market. Look for one that has modifications for each trimester of pregnancy. The rest is largely a matter of taste.

You will need a sticky mat and comfortable clothing. You can find a sticky mat in just about any store that sells exercise supplies. Be sure the clothing you choose is light weight and allows you to move and stretch easily. You just need a comfortable top and pants. No shoes or socks are worn during yoga.

Props Needed for Prenatal Yoga:

* Two yoga blocks for support

* Two folded blankets, this is also for support

* Yoga strap

* Chair

* Prenatal yoga DVD

Keep in mind that everyone works at her own pace in yoga. Start off slow and don’t try to force your body into the poses. Yoga is generally safe for most women. As with any form of exercise, you should check with your midwife or doctor before starting a yoga routine. Drink plenty of water before and after exercise to prevent dehydration.

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