Pre-Packaged Preparedness Kits

emergency food supply One way to cut down on the time and planning it takes is to purchase already packaged preparedness kits. There are a few different companies, and they each have a variety of kits that you can purchase to suit the needs of your particular family.

What types of preparedness kits are available?

You can food supply kits, water kits, food storage kits, kitchen processing items, medical and first aid kits, power charges, shelter kits, navigation kits, and cooking supplies.

Food supply kits are the most popular for purchase because they put all of the food that you might need for survival in one easy package. Disaster food kits come in freeze-dried as well as ready to eat meals or MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). You can buy these kits in pails or pallets. Some companies will even put together a backpack of supplies that includes not only food, but some of the other emergency needs mentioned above.

Granted, these prepackaged kits are not cheap. A year’s supply of quality canned food for one person will cost you about $2,700, but it may be well worth the expense to know that you are well prepared. Lesser kits with lower calorie counts can cost as little as $800 per person. Keep in mind that calorie needs during a disaster may actually be higher than under normal circumstances and men will require more calories than women.

A typical three-day supply of food and essentials, supplies in an inexpensive backpack will generally cost between $40 and $60. Make sure you order one per person in your family.

More elaborate supply kits will include everything from light sticks and waterproof matches to sleeping bags and even life preservers.

The nice thing about these preparedness kits is that they are specially made for long shelf, up to 30 years in some cases. A food, medicine or equipment supply prepared at home generally cannot reach that type of longevity.

If you are interested in exploring pre-packaged preparedness kits, just Google “emergency supplies” or “preparedness kits.” You can choose to purchase kits from well-known merchants, such as Amazon or Sam’s Club or from companies that specialize in preparedness kits.

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