Pregnancy After Infertility

Dealing with infertility is a very stressful time, both for you and your relationship. When you are finally pregnant, you’re supposed to be happy. For some women, this doesn’t happen easily. They continue to worry and are afraid to relax and enjoy being pregnant.

It may be difficult for you to relax and enjoy your pregnancy after a long bout with infertility. If you had a miscarriage along the way, it can be even harder. Being pregnant may feel too good to be true. A common fear is losing the baby or having complications during the pregnancy.

Common Fears Include:

* Having a miscarriage

* Fear of complications during the pregnancy

* Anxiety or prenatal depression

* Difficulty transitioning from your infertility specialist to a regular obstetrician

These feelings of fear may come and go. One day you may feel fearful. The next day you may feel excited and joyful. These fluctuating feelings are completely normal. If you feel very depressed, talk to your doctor. They will be able to help.

Many women are afraid of buying anything for the baby. They are afraid to jinx it or fear having a lot of infant things around in the event something was to go wrong. If you feel this way, put off your baby shower until after the baby is born. This is a Jewish custom and may work well for you. Have a welcome baby party instead.

Although you may have trouble relaxing, it’s important to set this goal and work toward it. Focus on the positive, rather than dwelling on any problem that could possibly happen. Relaxation or visualization exercises can help with this.

Consider joining a support group for people who are pregnant after infertility. You can find a group in your area through RESOLVE, which is a national infertility organization. Talking to other parents who have been through infertility problems can help. If you can’t find someone to talk to, consider counseling. This can help you work out your feelings.

Focus on what you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Get early, regular prenatal care and take your vitamins. Eat a healthy diet and stay well hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Talk to your doctor about exercise and which is best for your situation. Doing everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy can help you focus on the positive and start enjoying this special time in your life.

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