Pregnancy and Baking

Baking is something I have not done in a long time. I absolutely love to bake and have been baking pretty regularly since I was eight years old. The only time I have not felt inclined to bake has been during my first trimesters. Of course there have been times when I really want to bake and choose not to given the amount of “empty calories” I tend to eat when I bake; and it is really hard to lose the baby weight with a dozen freshly baked chocolate chip cookies tempting me to indulge. Most recently, I gave up eating sweets of all kinds for lent which was directly followed by morning sickness on Easter day. Needless to say, I had intentionally and nauseatingly sworn off sweets for nearly four months.

Now that my morning sickness has subsided, I found myself drawn to baking again. Thankfully the summer time is filled with lots of birthdays in my family so I have had many opportunities to bake without feeling guilty … and without eating more than a serving myself (with plenty of family to help consume these baked treats). We’ve been inviting extended family over to help us celebrate birthdays which results in cakes (or what not) being consumed with no leftovers.

Additionally I have been testing cupcake recipes for my sister’s upcoming baby shower. I tend to be a perfectionist and I do not want any surprises (frosting melting or cake not being moist etc) the day of the shower. Taste of course is paramount and if I do not like what I bake, I am not going to make it for the shower. With a little research and a lot of “testing,” I think I finally have the magically perfect cupcake and frosting recipes! I send most of the finished products with my sisters to remove my own temptation (and my husband’s temptation … he would eat all of them if I let him!).

As far as pregnancy is concerned, I am not craving desserts more than I would if I were not pregnant. The only difference is having my appetite back and the energy to bake what ever I happen to want (which is kind of dangerous)! But with continued emphasis on good nutrition and exercise and of course limiting the sweets, having a cupcake or creme brulee here or there is a well deserved treat. Growing a baby is hard work!!