Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy is certainly an interesting experience on so many levels. Not only are you experiencing the miracle of life unfolding within your very own body, you are experiencing physical sensations that range from strange to painful and everything in between. Add to that the mix of emotions that accompany a fluctuating flow of hormones, top it all off with a few food cravings, and you’ve got yourself a non-stop supply of entertainment for nine months.

Food cravings have always interested me because I love food. I always wondered whether I would crave anything strange during pregnancy because I had heard the stories about pickles and ice cream, and other such things. During my first pregnancy, I went through phases where I wanted certain things more and other things less. For example, for about a month, I could not get enough fresh fruit. It was almost all that I wanted. For another bit of time, I wanted Fruity Cheerios. Some days, it was an absolute requirement that I had some red meat. The cravings were not for unusual things, but they did surprise me with how intense and how very specific they were.

This time around, I have had a few of the same cravings and a few different ones. During the first few months, my appetite was not its usual robust self and I wanted mostly bland foods. When I explained this to my midwives, they told me that even though I was not throwing up, that was my body’s way of experiencing nausea. I found that to be very interesting, and I gave thanks that my body was so creative as to figure out a way to be nauseous without sending me running to the ladies’ room. The Fruity Cheerios craving made a comeback for a bit, and initially I tried to satisfy it with an organic variety that had less sugar in it. That did not work – I found the other cereal to be revolting, and had to go back and get the Fruity Cheerios. Cinnamon rolls were the item of the week one week. I would not want one now, though. In fact, right at this moment I am not craving anything. We’ll see how long that lasts.

What kinds of cravings are you having or did you have during pregnancy?

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