Pregnant Or Just Into Maternity Fashion?

Earlier this week, Mariah Carey was spotted wearing a maternity dress from A Pea In the Pod. Add to that all the rumors surrounding her fuller figure, and you’ll understand just why everyone is convinced she is pregnant. All other rumors and reasons aside, how much can one really deduce from a wardrobe choice? It begs the question: would you wear a maternity dress even if you were not pregnant?

There are two reasons I think you can assume a women is pregnant if she is wearing maternity clothes. The first reason has to do with fit. My take is that maternity clothes, however cute they might be, never fit just right until you have something around your middle to push out the front. They are obviously cut and tailored for the fully pregnant body. When I was first pregnant, I was so excited that I went out and bought a bunch of maternity clothes. I quickly found out that I could not wear them right away. The shirts looked too baggy and long in the front and the pants all sagged too much. A woman of celebrity like Mariah Carey would not buy a maternity dress simply because she liked how it looked. If that were the case, she could have a dress in the same style made in her regular size.

Besides the fit, wearing something with a maternity label means something to a woman. Pregnant women step into a maternity store differently than they walk into Target. There is this whole other level of excitement and purpose. I have never seen women who were not sporting a bump sifting through the maternity racks. Most women have never been to a maternity store or section before becoming pregnant. It means too much, especially if you have never had a baby before.

I know I could be wrong, of course, but if a woman is wearing maternity clothes, she probably is pregnant.

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