Prepare Your Calendar for Summer Vacation

calendar If you have kids then you know that it is never too early to prepare for summer vacation. Your home life will change as the evenings grow longer and the children are home from school. Here are some ways that you can plan out those days and get your self prepared. The transition will be easier and less stressful that way.

Make Note of Important Dates

Do you know when the last day of school actually is? Are there half days coming up before then? Will there be parties, dances, fairs, last ditch school fundraisers going on. Make note and double check any relevant dates. One year we had planned a quick vacation the week after school ended, only to find out that the school year got extended due to too many snow dates. We had to cancel.

Have a List of Local Activities Ready

Does your town put on a fireworks show? Is the farmers market open on Saturdays? What about a trip to the zoo during discount days. Take an hour or two to research local fun activities and mark them on your calendar. If you do this now, you’ll have a summer full of great ideas, many of them for free.

Make Necessary Appointments

I don’t know about your pediatrician’s office, by mine is generally booked three months out for well visits. If you want to get all of those doctor and dental visits in while the kids are out of school and before the school nurse threatens, you should make them now and mark them on your calendar. Check to see if your kids are up to date on all shots, as well.

Block Out Family Vacation Time

Figure out the days when the whole family will be on vacation, whether you want to go away or have a staycation. Do this now, so you have enough time to solve any possible conflicts that may arise in the summer months, such as birthday parties, weddings, reunions, etc.

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