Preparing to Be Taught

Each Sunday we gather together at church to partake of the sacrament. After the sacrament meeting we have the opportunity to attend Sunday School class. We will also attend either Priesthood or Relief Society meetings. Our children will attend Primary or Young Men’s or Young Women’s. The opportunity that we have to be instructed each week is not one that we should take lightly.

I find that I pay better attention during the weeks that I have read the lessons beforehand. As a student I am better prepared to make comments if I have thought about the topic of the lesson before I get there. The manuals that have been prepared for Relief Society and Priesthood have wonderful material in them. There is simply not enough time during class to cover each point in the lesson. The lessons have been provided to help us improve. If we are not reading on our own, we are not partaking fully of the lessons.

Another important thing to do is to bring your manual and scriptures to class with you. You can follow along with the reading. It is also easier to make references to something that you may have read, but isn’t necessarily read out loud during the class.

It is also important to be an active participant during the lessons. When you are teaching, and nobody answers your question, it can be difficult to move forward in the lesson. It is also important to understand that people may disagree on certain points. Make sure that all your comments are polite. You do not want someone to feel as though you are attacking him.

If you are serving in Primary or another auxiliary, it is always beneficial to find the time to read the lessons on your own. This has become more difficult for me, as I am finding it harder and harder to find quiet time. However, when I did do this on a regular basis, my testimony grew stronger, and I felt like I was continuing to grow in my knowledge of the gospel.

Preparing ahead of time may take a little extra time each week, but it will be worth the effort. I like to read next week lessons on Sunday after church. It gives me a chance to ponder on spiritual things during the Sabbath, and then I have a week to think about how I can apply the principles to my life.