Prepping For New Furniture

Getting new furniture is a thrilling proposition. However, don’t underestimate the cleaning that comes prior to and after new furniture delivery.

According to reports, late summer is the most popular time of year for furniture deliveries. In most cases, homeowners are taking advantage of end of the season sales to update their living or family rooms. Timing also comes into play because generally it takes 6 to 8 weeks for delivery when purchasing furniture online.

Before welcoming the furniture delivery guys into your home, make sure to do a little prep work:

Measure: This should actually be done prior to purchasing new furniture. You want to make sure that new sofa is going to fit into the space you have allotted for it. Trying to squeeze a new couch into the space you kept your old one is asking for trouble. Before you place your order determine how much space you have. Also, in addition to measuring the area in which you plan to set-up your new furniture, you should also measure doorways, stairs, hallways, etc. Finally, if you get a living room set home and realize it doesn’t fit your space, find out ahead of time if the store will refund your money or whether you will be stuck with a store credit only.

Delivery details: Make sure you get everything in writing and that you understand all the details of your delivery. For example, you will want to confirm whether your dining room set will be delivered AND set-up in your house or if the delivery means just getting the set dropped off in the front of your home. Also, inquire about compensation if the store estimates six to eight weeks for delivery, but it actually takes 12 weeks for you to get your new furniture.

Clean up: Don’t be shy about asking delivery people to remove their shoes during furniture set-up. It may be harder to request that they take off their shoes while moving large pieces of furniture into your home. If you are particular about your flooring, then you might consider having the furniture dropped off, and then placing it where you want it in your home. If you have carpeting that gets soiled during the delivery process, consider doing a deep clean with Woolite Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaning Foam.

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