Preschool Board Game: SOS Whitewater

SOS Whitewater

Fall 2011 Games/ Parent’s Choice Award

Ages: 5 & Up

Players: 2 to 4

Length of game: approximately 20 minutes

Manufacturer: HABA

Price: $21.00


The rafting animals are standing in line for the canoeing trip. Everyone wants to be the first to ride on the rubber raft, so soon they are all shoving and pushing to get a place on the raft. It doesn’t take long and soon the first animal is nudged off and that is before the ride even starts. Who can place animals on the rubber raft without pushing off any others?

Game Basics

The game comes with 16 wooden counters, 48 round animal cardboard tiles, 1 rubber raft, 1 fabric bag, 1 sheet of animal stickers and the instructions.

The object of the game is to place as many animals on the raft without pushing off any other animals. The raft is wobbly so this task will take skill and patience. If you manage to achieve this you will get a corresponding animal tile as your reward. However, you have to remember which animal you get as you need to get the same animal in the next round to win. Only pairs count! Game play lasts for three rounds.

My Thoughts

SOS Whitewater is a simple game in concept but the game play can be challenging. The wobbly raft does not always like to cooperate. This will require little ones to use fine motor skills and hand eye coordination to achieve their task. The game inspires lots of laughter and thinking. Watching a little one use strategy and skill is a charming thing. The game is perfect for a quiet afternoon or winding down time after preschool. My favorite part is SOS Whitewater is easy enough for a little one yet fun and challenging enough for the parents! We all have a good time and that is what makes a game a success.

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