Preschool Picks: Fun for Language Arts

I found a great deal at TJ Maxx for these fun games. Yes, you can find some treasures in the most unlikely of places.

Match and Spell Words: Spelling: This is a learning puzzle where the child puts together a simple puzzle were each piece has one letter on it. When the puzzle is completed the letters will form a word to match the picture on the puzzle. The pieces are self correcting and there are over 50 words. You can find plenty of sets similar to this as well as flash cards with the same concept. I love that it is self correcting and that it appeals to visual learners. While this is for preschool through Kindergarten, I will also use it with my 2nd grader, who is dyslexic.

Very Silly Sentences by DK Games: DK puts out coloring and fun books, sticker books, and games. This game is suited for ages 4 through 7, so my girls can play together. The game is not only fun and a cause for massive giggles it will teach parts of speech and sentence construction. The game makes a funny introduction into reading and grammar. Kids love making silly sentences and the sillier the easier it will be to teach those crazy parts of speech. I also have a card game with a similar theme that my girls love to play. However, this game comes with a die, game board, and spinner, which makes learning a fun game.

Picture Word Bingo: Children love playing the simple game of Bingo. In this game, the focus is on connection pictures with words. The game boards have a picture and the word associated with picture. The game pieces have a matching picture to the board on one side and the word of the object on the other. The repetition of the game will help the child associate the words with the objects they represent.

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