Preserving School Memories

Today I went to my daughter’s school to eat lunch with her because she was student of the week for her class. All of the other children who were student of the week in the class, their parents and the principal eat lunch up on the stage in the cafeteria. It was really fun and nice time for my daughter to feel special. But, guess what? I forgot to take my camera! I’m not too worried since we will have other great school experiences to capture in the future, but it got me thinking about all of the things I would like to help my daughter remember about her elementary school days. So I thought that I would share the things that I came up with that would be fun to preserve through scrapbooking.

First, I recommend that you sit down with your child and ask them to name their favorite parts of the day. Make sure that you include these things in their album, layout, or whatever you decide to do.

Some of the things that I want to photograph are:

The classroom: Reading Group Area, Work Tables, Computer Area, and the Reading Nook.

Outside: The playground, the jump ropes, the kickball field

Lunchroom: The class eating table, the cafeteria food window, my daughter eating lunch

Other stuff: P.E. class, music class, art class, the front office, and the front of the school

These pictures could easily fill a mini album celebrating your child’s year of school. What a fun gift this would be to give your child at the end of each school year. You could also just create a few layouts for a larger album where you could also include a few of your child’s favorite pieces of school/artwork from the year.

This could also be a fun project that you can do with your child. He/she could do the journaling, which would make the album even more meaningful in the years to come.

Enjoy preserving these special times in your child’s life!

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