Preserving School Memories

Have you ever considered scrapping your kid’s school lunch?

In an age where it seems nothing is off limits in regards to preservation on cardstock pages, I would have to say that photographing and journaling about a school lunch is about as desperate as it gets.

No offense to my sister-in-law.

Really. I mean that. I love how she pushes the envelope when it comes to scrapbook material.

I love her more for providing fodder for my posts.

So here’s the thing; upon reading my last post about school scrapbooks, my uber-crafty sister-in-law sent me an email admonishing me (in the nicest way possible) for not including a litany of other ideas one could use to fill an entire album with magical school memories.

One of her brilliant ideas: Create a layout of your child’s favorite school lunches. Not the delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that you painstakingly cut into dinosaur and dog shapes, she’s referring to the best foods whipped up by the ladies who run the school cafeteria.

Not for nothing, but my 6-year-old doesn’t come home raving about cafeteria food on a regular basis (hence the dinosaur shaped sandwiches). What’s more, how many parents are going to work their schedule around their child’s lunch hour, so they can snap a few keepers of the kid’s mystery meat… I mean Salisbury steak entree?

Believe it or not, my sister-in-law had an answer to that, and it was completely plausible.

Her advice: Have your child create a list of his all-time favorite school lunches and supplement the layout with stickers, die cuts or clip art. For example, if your son loves the school cafeteria’s pizza, chicken nuggets or sub sandwich, then look for scrapbook embellishments that feature the tasty treats.

Not such a bad idea if you really think about it, especially if you are looking to fill some blank pages and you are plum out of field trip and sporting event photos.

What do you think? Is scrapping your kid’s favorite school lunches a stretch?

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