Preserving Your Christmas Treasures

There are so many ways that you could approach capturing and preserving your Christmas (or Kwanza or Hanukah) memories. This year I plan to focus on the little things that make this season special for me. These items would make a prefect mini album that we could add to each year. I would like to share a few things that I would be meaningful to include in a holiday memory album.

Your Christmas Tree. Is it artificial or real? If it is real, do you cut it down yourself, or do you buy it at the same place each year? If you have an artificial tree, how long have you had it? What is your favorite thing about your tree? What do you like about your tree? What do you dislike?

Your Tree Ornaments. Do you have a special stories behind each ornament that hangs on your tree? Do you decorate your tree the same way each year or do you like to try something new each year. You could photograph a few of your favorite ornaments to include on a layout or you could make a mini album where you display a picture on the ornament and write about what makes it special.

Nativity Decorations. Many people I know collect nativity scenes. If you also like to collect these, that take pictures of them! My kids have a couple of nativity sets that they love to arrange. Whenever they arrange the nativity, they always crowd all of the pieces up as close as possible to the baby Jesus. I love that. This year I am going to take a picture of the nativity arranged by my children and include it on a layout.

Outdoor Decorations. It would be fun to photograph your outdoor decorations. Include close ups of your favorite items. Remember to include fun facts about different decorations on your layout.

Try to take a little time out this season to enjoy all of the things that make it special.

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