Preserving Your Vacation Memories

Preserving your vacation memories is an important part of your actual vacation. More than likely, you can vividly recall certain details of many past trips, but can you recall what you had for dinner the first night? Some people can, but most people cannot.

So how do you go about preserving your vacation memories, while still enjoying yourself and relaxing on your vacation. Obviously you don’t want to spend all your time taking notes, etc. Here are a few ideas on how to keep up with the memories, and still have fun.

First, be sure and bring extra items with you. For instance, bring plastic bags and jars and envelopes too. This way, if you want to save something, you can. Shells, sand and other items can be included on a scrapbook layout, if you remember to pack something to bring it home in.

Travel brochures, fliers, ticket stubs, postcards, business cards, menus and other memorabilia can be slipped into page protectors or large manilla envelopes or even file folders and labeled with any pertinent information. You can use one for each day, which makes future sorting so much easier.

Second, take a photograph when possible. If you don’t want to record a memory, perhaps you could snap a photograph of your meal. This way you don’t have to write anything down, and you have the picture. You don’t even have to include the photograph in your vacation scrapbook, but it sure is fun when you do.

The best way to preserve the details of your vacations, is to take about ten or twenty minutes each night to record in note format, what you did during that day. This doesn’t require a long journal entry unless you wish. You can simply record the name of restaurants you ate at, what you had, where you visited, what you saw, and anything fun or memorable about each location.

If you take the time to do this every single night, you will stay ahead in your preservation attempts and it will allow you to more easily scrap the memories when you return home.

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