Pricing Items At A Garage Sale

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Pricing items at a garage sale can be a real challenge. In fact, it seems that the question I most commonly see, is “How do I price things?”. My advice is simple, but there are a few standard things you can do.

First, I strongly urge you to visit other garage sales in your area. Check out their prices on things that you will be selling. Books, CD’s, even clothing can range drastically in price from region to region.

In addition to checking out other’s prices, you can almost always count on taking less than 25% of the original price. If you are wanting to get more for something, than over price it by just a little, and allow for a bit of haggling.

Standard prices in our area for popular items are as follows:

  • Books (Hardback) – $.50-$1.00
  • Books (Paperback) – $.25-$.50
  • Magazines – $.10-.25
  • Cassette Tapes – .25
  • CD’s – $.50-$1.00
  • DVD’s – $1.00-$2.00
  • Clothing $.25-$3.00 (dependent on quality and shape of items – some clothing can even get more!)
  • Children’s Toys range greatly in price, usually from .25 to several dollars depending on the brand and quality of toy.
  • Electronic equipment and furniture can go for a lot of money, but only if in good working order and cleaned and maintained properly.

Sit and really take a look at what you are selling, and pick a price you are comfortable with. Pricing like items the same, can save a lot of hassle the day of the sale. Making the price a bit higher on higher ticket items is a good way to allow for the customer to feel as if they are getting a deal when they talk you down a little.

Remember, do not try to sell broken toys, games with lots of missing pieces, puzzles without all their pieces, electronic equipment that does not work and new batteries won’t help. Always have batteries on hand to allow customers to see that the item works. Same with an electrical extension cord, so that plug in items can be tested as well.

Keep watching the garage sale section of the frugal living blog for great tips, and techniques to make your garage sale experience, whether selling or buying, a frugal good time!

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