Primary Time: Primary Activity Days

Once your child is eight years old, she will begin participating in Primary Activity Days. If you have a son and live in the United States he will begin participating in Cub Scouts. If you live outside of the United States your boys will participate in Primary Activity Days. The activity days usually take place twice a month on a day other than Sunday. Some wards plan these activities in conjunction with the night of Young Men’s and Young Women’s. Other wards hold the activities on Saturday. It just depends on what works best for your ward.

The program will follow the “Faith in God” booklet and award. The majority of the activities should work towards passing off the goals in order to achieve the award. Some of the activities may support family relationships. A few goals in the booklet include planning activities for parents to come to. Try to support your children as they attend the activity days and work towards the award. This will give your children a chance to spend time with their friends from church and a chance to develop a stronger testimony.

If you have just been called as an activity days’ leader or you simply want to learn more about the activities you can learn more at the church’s website. This can be a fun calling because you will be planning activities that the children will find fun. You also get to know the children a little bit more than you do when you meet on Sundays because the meetings are a bit less formal.

If you have a son in Cub Scouts, you will want to participate in the scouting program with your son. Make sure that you attend the family den meetings each month. You should encourage your son to still strive for the Faith in God award. He can work on the goals on his own. Your Cub Scout leader may also be incorporating them into the Cub Scout program when possible.