Primary Time: The Faith in God Award

The Primary children have an opportunity to earn their Faith in God Award between the ages of eight and eleven. This is a great program, which helps to prepare your children for Young Men and Young Women meetings.

The Faith in God booklets outline the goals and steps that each child must take in order to earn their award. The basic components include daily prayer, regular scripture study, and memorizing the Articles of Faith. There are categories in which two goals need to be completed each year.

The first category is Learning and Living the Gospel. Goals for this category include teaching a family home evening lesson, reading a conference talk and applying it to their lives and preparing a family pedigree chart.

The second category is Serving Others. To complete this category, your child could complete a service project, plan and prepare a meal, and plan an activity for others to participate in.

The third category is Developing Talents. Goals for this category include learning about budgeting, learning a song (either playing it on the piano or singing it) from “The Children’s Songbook,” writing a story or a poem and making a craft.

The final category is Preparing for Young Men’s (for the boys) or Preparing for Young Women’s (for the girls). To complete this category, your child will need to read specific scriptures which will be listed in the guidebook and discuss them with a leader, talk to a member of the Deacon Quorum presidency (boys) or the Beehive class presidency (girls), and to talk to a leader or you about the new program they will be entering.

A great majority of this program can be completed at Primary Activity Days or in correlation with the Cub Scout program. This is great chance for you to encourage your children to learn more about the gospel.