Prince Harry Adds to a Long Line of Royal Scandals – Part 1

The scenario has probably played itself out a thousand times before…a young handsome guy visits Las Vegas with some friends, they hang out at the hotel bar, meet some gals and head back to their suite for a game of naked billiards. No big deal, right?

Well, it is if naked photos or taken and you have the Queen of England to answer to. Prince Harry, let’s just call him the Rowdy Royal, seems to have a pretty easy life. Oh sure, he did his thing in Afghanistan, but he doesn’t really have all the stress that William has because the chances of him actually being king one day is slim, so he can live it up.

However, it seems Queen, who surely must be celebrating after a spectacular Olympics, is no doubt less than thrilled. The pics of the naked cavorting prince were plastered all over TMZ. I loved the TMZ quote, “Prince Harry put the crown jewels on display in Vegas this weekend.”

It seems that since then, Harry has been called home. Did he board the plane with his tail between his legs? No one really knows because he boarded the plane at LAX and remained upstairs the entire flight.

Naturally, reps for the Royal Family have no comment on the photos at this time, although they have asked newspaper editors in the UK to not publish the photos.

Should we vilify Harry for his actions? Not really as he’s hardly the first royal to act up in public. In fact, this isn’t even Harry’s first scandal. Maybe this was just a way to put an end to the talk of the Nazi uniform he wore to a costume party three years ago.

No, the House of Windsor has long known scandals. Tomorrow, I will refresh your memory about a few of those scandals plus others outside the Windsor family.

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