Prince William Gets Engaged

The Brits have often referred to her as “Waitey Katie” but now it seems like Kate Middleton may have the last laugh as it was announced today that she and Prince William are engaged to be married. The prince proposed last month while the two vacationed in Kenya. They are expected to give an interview later today.

The two made their first public appearance as a newly engaged couple today. William gave Middleton his mother’s oval blue sapphire engagement ring as a way of making sure “my mother didn’t miss out on today,” he said. Their wedding, scheduled for spring or summer of 2011, comes 30 years after his parents married on July 29, 1981. That marriage ended in divorce. Diana was killed in a car wreck in and Prince Charles married long time love Camilla Bowles Parker in

Much like his parent’s wedding, many are hoping this wedding will unite Britain in uncertain times. William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip said they were “delighted for them both.” As for Prince Charles, he is “absolutely thrilled.” Middleton’s parents said William is “wonderful” and they make a “lovely couple.”

The couple met at the University of St. Andrews where they were roommates. It is believed they began dating in 2003 although their first official picture as a couple was not revealed until 2004. The media seems to love Middleton as much as it did Princess Diana, constantly following and photographing her despite William pleading for them to leave her alone. So far, no venue for the wedding has been chosen, but you can bet it will be royal indeed. It is expected that the couple will live in north Wales because of William being based at the Royal Air Force there.

As second in line to the throne, any children William and Kate produce will supersede his brother Harry.

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