Printing On Vellum

Scrapbooker’s love to use Vellum. It’s the perfect addition to nearly any layout. However, I hear many the frustrations when they print their journaling or a title out onto the Vellum and it does not work correctly, smearing across the paper.

Vellum comes from many different companies and can be purchased at crafts stores or your local scrapbook store. Each company varies in the amount of ph/acidity levels.

Avoid the thicker vellum when you are creating a layout. The thicker vellum is meant for cards or packaging of gifts.

Vellum in not absorbent. This is where the problem begins when wishing to print directly onto it. In addition, Vellum has different types of finished on it, depending on the type you have purchased. I know it often seems like wax is on my vellum, which is all dandy, but it makes the surface practically waterproof.

When shopping around for Vellum, check out different brands if you are able to. My favorite Vellum is the Close To My Heart Vellum. It is a thinner Vellum with a less waxy surface. It just seems to work a little better.

My printer is a Brother MFC 420CN. I have four other printers available to me too, but this seemed to be the best one of the five. Actually it isn’t necessarily that it was any better for printing on Vellum, it was just the better printer all around.

Once you print on to the Vellum you will have to allow it to dry for a fair bit. It needs to absorb into the paper and this is difficult with the Vellum because of the above mentioned reasons.

When you do print onto your Vellum, set the setting on your printer for Draft printing, Economy Printing, Fastest Printing, whatever it’s called. You want the poorest quality ink because it is the least amount of ink, keeping the paper from not drying. Also keep in mind that the thinner lines on the font, the better your output will be. Those thick lined fonts use a lot of ink, creating more drying and a greater chance at smearing.

Another way to use the Vellum is to take a grocery bag or paper lunch bag and crumple it up. Lightly “sand” the vellum with the crumpled bag. Doing this before you try to print on it will help to break down the coating on the surface to allow the ink to penetrate and dry.

Vellum is a great addition to any layout. The semi-transparent paper works perfect for titles, and journaling. Have fun and get creative!
Happy Scrapping!

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