Product Recall: Frog Masks from Target

If you have a frog mask that you purchased in late summer or early fall for your child’s dress up bin or for a Halloween costume, look at the tag. Yesterday the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for frog masks from Target. These masks were sold in August and September of 2011 and were made in China.

The frog masks are plush and are a danger to small children because the nose area of the frog does not have any breathing holes. The mask poses a suffocation danger to children. The top of the mask around the eyes is yellow, as is the bottom of the frog’s face. The middle part is a light green. You can find photographs of the mask on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s web site. Inside the frog mask is a label with a UPC code of 06626491474.

About 3400 of these frog masks were sold for a dollar at Targets across the United States this summer and fall. They were not sold at any other stores. Visitors to Target stores can learn about current Target recalls at kiosks next to the Guest Services Desk. You can also learn about current Target recalls on their web site.

Although no injuries have been reported from the use of this dress up toy, when the elastic band is secured to the child’s head the mask at the front becomes tight and makes it difficult to breathe. The CPSC recommends that you remove the toy immediately from small children and return it to Target. They are interested in hearing about any injuries caused by this toy.

Remember that you should not donate a recalled product. You should return it to the store for a refund. When thrift store shopping, always be alert to potential hazards from recalled items.

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