Product Review: Craft Mates Ultimate Organizers

With all the talk about organization lately, I thought I’d take a break from the normal articles, to give a product review, on a line of products I think are exceptional for the organized scrapbooker.

Craft Mates carries a unique line of scrapbooking accessories for the dedicated scrapbooker, as well as accessories for crafters and hobby lovers too. Their canvas organizers are the perfect way to get organized and stay organized, as well as being able to easily transport supplies to various crops, and classes.

In addition, Craft Mate has add-ons – plastic locking caddies, which fit right inside the canvas organizers, for easy storage.

Ezy Lockin’ Caddy™

The Ezy Lockin’ Caddy is a tote bag with a lot of pockets and compartments inside, to store your supplies and make it a favorite amongst scrapbookers. Each canvas tote, comes with six, 14-compartment locking craft caddies, five spacious tool pockets, and a back pouch for papers, idea books or your current scrapbook magazine. A shoulder strap is included and there is extra space above the plastic locking craft caddies to store larger items, or you can purchase two extra locking compartments and fill in the gaps!
Reviewers Opinion: I had the opportunity to see one of these first hand. It is quite similar to a soft sided fishing tackle box, I purchased several years ago. I use mine faithfully. This would be an excellent organizational item to add to your scrapbooking room. I need another one for some other supplies, and I plan to purchase one of the Ezy Lockin’ Caddy’s.

Ezy Snappin’ Organizer™

The Ezy Snappin’ Organizer, reminds me a bit of the style of the Paper, Sticker, Binder by Crop In Style. It is shaped the same, but it does a lot more. The Snappin’ Organizer has two snaps that hold it closed. Inside are four locking caddies, with a total of twenty eight compartments to hold various items. Embellishments fit nicely into this nice little mega organizer.

Ezy Snappin’ Organizer™ Petite

The Ezy Snappin’ Organizer Petite, is a much smaller version of the regular one, listed above. Just as it’s larger counterpart, is has two snaps that hold it closed, and on the inside, it has size locking caddies, with a total of forty two compartments. Perfect for eyelets, beads, and other very small items.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with what I found, and how terrific the organizational methods are. Craft Mates carries a terrific product line, with lots of add-on accessories, and extra organizing methods. You can visit the website and learn more, or find out how to order these products!