Product Review: Michael Miller Fabric Paper

Looking for a new and different product to use on your layouts or other paper crafts? Michael Miller Fabric Paper maybe just what you are looking for.

Michael Miller has been producing beautiful fabric for over five years and has now made their fabric useable for scrapbooking. They have treated the fabric so that it can be used just like paper. You can cut, punch, and tear this fabric, just like paper. I love the soft feeling of this fabric paper.

The fabric paper is sold in single sheets for $2.39 each. You can also buy paper packs with a variety of coordinating patterns that include seven 12 X 12 sheets and seven 5 X 7 sheets of paper that retail for $15.99.

I recently attended a class where we used this fabric paper to create a picture frame. It was so fun to use this paper. My favorite part was tearing the paper because after a small cut is made where you want to start the tear, you can just rip the paper. It tears straight because it rips along the grain on the fabric.

Here is an example of a project you can make with the fabric paper.

This project used an 8 x 10 inch photo mat with a 4 x 6 hole cut in it for displaying a photo. It can be used on a scrapbook page or actually put in a frame. I would recommend not using the glass with the frame so that the viewer can really see (and even feel) the cool texture.

The fabric flowers on this picture frame were so much fun to make. All you do is trace a flower onto the back of the fabric and cut out with scissors. For the center of the flower, we ripped half-inch strips of fabric paper and tied a knot in the center of the strip. Then thread both ends of the strip through a small hole poked with scissors. Use the free ends to tie the flower onto the mat. You can wrap each petal of the flowers around a pencil and hold for a few seconds, and the paper will hold the curved shape, making the flower three-dimensional.

Michael Miller Fabric Paper is definitely a product I would recommend using because of the new texture it adds to your paper crafts. The main drawback of this product is that it is expensive, so you will have to use it sparingly.