Product Review: Picture Pages

scrapbooking, decor, picture pagesIntroducing a whole new concept in the scrapbook world. It’s like a scrapbook on the wall!

I stumbled across this wonderful product while researching another article, and was amazed by the features, and uniqueness of the product itself.

It’s called Picture Pages and is still very new product, as well as new concept to those of us in the scrapbooking world.

The website announces the new product and explains that it is a photo album wall display, which essentially to be is like a scrapbook on your wall. The concept while cool, is a bit on the pricey side. One album is $49.95 plus shipping. Not that I am saying that the concept doesn’t deserve such a high price, it just isn’t something I will casually hand fifty dollars over for until I am sure it is something I’d like. I will however comment that their shipping prices are really good, which surprised me for this type of product!

scrapbooking, picture pagesThe picture pages measure 15” X 31” and can apparently display up to 100 photos! That sure is a lot of photos for one wall display, which is encouraging and unique all in itself. That’s a lot of photos for that small space, allowing you to showcase your very favorites and change whenever you want. Just turn the page!

This small company is located in Warren, Michigan, owned by Linda and Paul Sadowski and was formed in March of 2005. Their objective is to create new and top quality products to share internationally and allow you to share your memories in unique ways with friends and family.

I have to admit, the concept is unique and creative and I really think it’s beautiful. It would look great on a wall, and would make the coolest gift for a family member.

scrapbooking, picture pagesYou can find much more information on their website Picture Pages LLC. They offer a demo of the product, a page all about the product and the company, pictures, press releases and a place to order the product.

If you have purchased this product, please share your comments with us. It is truly a unique product and a wonderful concept.
Congratulations to Linda and Paul for developing such a great product!