Product Review: Pull-EZ Ribbon Storage

Introducing the brand new, upcoming Pull-EZ ribbon holder. This little ribbon storage option boasts the ability to hold more than 200 ribbons and is designed to make getting your ribbon out, much easier than alternative methods. Let’s see how it holds up, and what other scrapbookers are thinking.

The Product:

Pull-EZ ribbon storageThis compact, easy-to-carry tote holds more than 200 ribbons, is totally transportable, and many think it looks like a Chia pet. I have to agree.

The product is designed to hold 1-3 yard lengths of ribbon, and at 200 ribbons thats about 600 yards of ribbon. Wow. And finding storage for 600 yards of ribbon is complicated enough, but this little tote can hold it all and store in a small 10” of space.

Pull-EZ has been featured in the October issue of Creating Keepsakes October issue as the top ten picks of CHA. The totes arrive in mid September and will retail for $19.99.

What Scrapbooker’s Think:

Many think the price is great. Many ribbon organization systems, whether manufactured or created by ones own imagination, retail at a much higher price.

But, scrapbookers are always see the bigger picture. The two complaints I am seeing the most, or perhaps I should call them concerns, are that the Pull-EZ will be a tangled mess on the inside with all that ribbon shoved in one small tote. The other complaint is how messy the item looks. Well, the Pull-EZ people dubbed it to look like a Chia pet, and I guess they were right.

Other comments were in regards to the fact that this could be duplicated at home using a vinyl lunch cooler (lunch box) and either decorating it yourself or purchasing one of the cool, festive ones they have. The cost would be much less, and you could just punch holes in it. This would also allow you to store a smaller amount in the bag, and they could be stacked.

Overall Rating:

Most scrapbookers (a resounding 87%) chose “I’m not interested in this product, I have seen better.” in an online scrapbooking poll. When asked about the best feature, they chose “Price”. The overall rating on this poll was a sad, but true C-. This goes to show that scrapbookers know what they want.

Important Information:

My thoughts are that, when the product is released and its popularity is increased, it will get a much better rating. Keep in mind that nobody that was polled or asked has actually had the item in their hands yet. So their concerns and complaints are going on the picture you see above. Look for the item at retail shops and stores sometimes in mid-September. I’m eager to get my hands on one, so I can give it a better review.