Product Review: Scrapbook MAX Digital Scrapbooking Software

Scrapbook MAX is a new really unique digital scrapbooking kit. The software uses a drag and drop design to simplify digital scrapbooking in a fast, fun and easy way. It makes it very user friendly and a breeze to use.

Choose your photos and then you simply drag and drop your digital photos into the design space. From there you can build impressive, personalized scrapbooks by selecting backgrounds, images and different text options with your mouse.

I was impressed by all the professionally-designed templates and backgrounds, photo-realistic embellishments, colored and textured paper scraps, traditional and whimsical frames, captions, speech bubbles and more, that this program comes with. It’s the most inclusive software yet! You get a lot for your money!

Another fun feature is that you are able to make multimedia scrapbooks by adding music and soundtracks. This is fun for sending via email or burning to a CD to share with family and friends as gifts!

The software also offers photo retouching tools such as cropping, scratch and red-eye removal. There are all sorts of ways to get creative in your designs by adding shaping, edging, blurring, black and white and watercolor imaging. These are just some of the features I found, there are more. You can also layer photos, paper scraps and images for a three-dimensional effect, just like in your regular scrapbook albums.

The software allows the ability to publish your scrapbooks in a variety of formats with a few simple mouse clicks; no additional publishing software is required.

You can make video CD’s to watch on your television, slide-shows, Acrobat PDF e-books, screen-savers, JPG images and HTML files.

Share your memories with friends and family through email, CD-ROM, printed copies or the web. It’s the best software I’ve found for digital scrapbookers yet!

The company also offers expansion and booster packs to enhance your Scrapbook MAX image library. You can also go online and find helpful tips, free templates, images and more in the Scrapbook MAX community forums.

You can download a FREE TRIAL VERSION.