Product Review: The New Cricut Expression

cricut expression
They redesigned it, they added new features, they made it bigger and better and easier to use. So, is it really worth the huge chunk of change dished out to upgrade to the new “better” Cricut Expression model? Many scrapbookers think so.

The new Cricut Expression model is much larger than the previous version. It is designed primarily for use on a table or inside a media room or office, perhaps at a school, crop room or scrapbook store. However, many scrapbookers think it fits just fine in their own personal studios.

“I don’t mind it taking up space in my room. It is so much better than my original Cricut, which I sold so I could get this one,” says Katie James, an instructor for a scrapbook store in her neck of the woods. “One of my favorite features about the upgraded Expression is that I can use my exact same cartridges from my old unit, so I didn’t have to get rid of them and I didn’t lose any money on those.”.

A further look into the Cricut Expression shows that not only does the Expression use the same cartridges as the first model, but it also uses the same blades and blade housing. That was a relief for many scrapbookers who were afraid to shell out such a large amount of cash on a new item, when they already had the older model.

The Cricut Expression really is a new an innovative way to cut letters, and shapes just as its predecessor, the original Cricut. The difference is, that it cuts phrases too, as well as having an impressive ability to cut some very unique sizes using the 12″ x 24″ mat or the 12″ x 12″ mat.

This newer model has made your choices limitless in all it can do. Teacher’s have rushed to purchase models for their personal use, encouraged their schools to purchase them, and the scrapbook industry has taken a hold and rarely a crop room exists that doesn’t have the plans for an added Expression, if it isn’t already sitting there.

Here are a few of the Cricut Expression details from the website:

  • Mix and match creative features in the same cut
  • Use the entire library of existing Cricut cartridges
  • Cut portrait or landscape
  • Mat sizes 12″ x 12″ or 12″ x 24″
  • No computer necessary
  • Change settings such as language and units of measure
  • New LCD screen that shows exactly what you’re typing for your next cut

This Cricut Expression comes with one 12×12 cutting mat, and two cartridges; the Plantin Schoolbook font cartridge and the Accent Essentials Shape cartridge. Unfortunately, the hefty price tag on this model (retail value is set at $499.99) has kept many scrapbookers far away.

The good news is, as a thrifty shopper and scrapbooker, I have located many places that have started selling for under $400. I found one that was retailing at $319 on special. That is near the price of the original Cricut. So keep your eyes peeled for sales and at auction sites, and you might just be able to own one of these amazing machines.