Product Review: The Paper Packer Scrapbook Paper Organizer

Paper Packer Scrapbook Paper OrganizerI am always on the hunt for a product that makes organizing easier. A constant challenge for me in my scrapbook space, has been how to organize paper and still allow for ease of use.

I originally started with the infamous “Target Cubes”. Although a great design, and perfect for what I needed for cardstock, I was still left with the problem of patterned paper storage.

I recently found the Paper Packer Scrapbook Paper Organizer. It’s a pretty easy to use, and specially designed product to allow the scrapbooker to “visualize each and every scrapbook page of paper in your inventory without leafing through page after page of paper.”

paper packer scrapbook paper organizerThat in itself was a reason for me to put it at the top of my wish list. The ability to see my paper and not have to flip and flip and flip, which I was currently doing in the drawer system I have it set up in. The paper “fans” out, providing a more easily accessible method of viewing what you have.

The nice thing about the paper packer is that you can hang it in your scrap space, or it can freely stand up on it’s own at your scrap space. The paper packer also folds and zips into an easy to carry pouch and is perfect for when you are on your way to a crop or class. This was another big selling point for me. The ease of being able to tote my stuff back and forth from events is extremely important to me.

The paper packer is laden with plenty of pockets, some are zippered to keep things from falling out, and others are see through, to make finding what you want, easier. The pockets are perfect to store all of your terrific scrapbook tools, punches, stickers, photos, and layouts. It is designed to hold paper as large as 12” x 12”, although works just as well on the smaller sizes of papers.

Paper Packer Scrapbook Paper Organization OrganizerIncluded are D-rings for quickly mounting to the wall, as well as handles and a shoulder strap for easy portability.

All in all, this is a very organized product for your paper storage. With many useful perks, you’re sure to find this the perfect addition to your storage, organization and scrapbooking needs!

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