Product Review: The Scrappin’ Spin Tool Station

Lately I have been trying out some new scrapbook organizational tools to get a feel for what works for me and what doesn’t. Thankfully with many friends in the scrapbook industry I am able to test out products without having to buy everything myself.

However, recently I splurged a little and tried out a new product.

The Spinning Tool Station and Spinning Tool Station Jr. by Scrappin’ with Sweet Nothings caught my eye as an innovative way to organize. I came across it because I had received a little card in the mail about it and really thought it looked like a handy way to organize my most frequently used items.

scrapbooking organizationI decided to get the Scrappin’ Spin Tool Station “Jr”. This smaller tool station retails for $19.95, and I totally feel is worth every cent. The Jr. is designed to free up valuable workspace on your desk, or you can carry it with you to a crop. I was able to fit all my basics that I use when I scrapbook. It fit my favorite pens, some scissors, punches, adhesives and had room for my larger tools in the center. It was worth the money and I am glad I purchased it. Now I want the large one.

Scrapbooking OrganizationThe Scrappin’ Spin Tool Station “Large” is the perfect solution for all the clutter on your table while working. It retails for $49.95. There are an abundance of pockets both on the inside and outside and they are rather deep. This larger one organizes all your tools, supplies, embellishments and more taking up a very small spot on your work surface. I love that it spins and keeps everything organized and right there at your fingertips.

The other wonderful thing about these Spin Tool Stations is that they are not just for scrapbookers; they come in handy for painters, rubber stampers, quilters and more!

Be sure and visit The Scrappin’ with Sweet Nothing’s Website to find many more scrapbook related products!