Professional Education From The Comfort of Your Home

Today, I had the good fortune of being able to attend a teleseminar. While this may not seem like a noteworthy event, it was for me because it enabled me to fulfill one of my continuing education requirements that are a part of keeping my law license active. The fact that I can earn at least some of the required credits through participation in “live” events like teleseminars and webinars where participants can ask questions during and after the presentation is certainly a good thing for a home-based professional like me. I have participated in in-person conferences and webinars as well and while I like going out to mingle with other professionals, the webinar was surprisingly fun because during breaks in the presentation, participants used the chat feature to introduce themselves to each other.

Whether your profession required continuing professional education as a part of licensing requirements or not, I would encourage you to check the internet periodically to see what kinds of programs are out there for your line of work. There are many great programs available in a variety of formats, and some are even available at no cost. Keeping current with professional knowledge can inspire you to learn new skills and can help you to give your clients the very best work. It can also alert you to tips, trends, and techniques that can help you to develop your business practices and strategies. If your profession is governed by rules or conduct and other rules of practice and procedure like mine is, continuing education programs are a great way to stay on top of rule changes and understand them thoroughly.

Inspired by today’s program, I took a look around for programs that are intended for writers. It did not take long to locate some interesting topics like how to publish an eBook, writing grants, and writing about spiritual topics. It is my hope that in the coming months I can make a little room in my schedule to expand my writing horizons and learn more about the craft that I came to quite unintentionally but have completely fallen in love with. What are your favorite online educational resources for writers? I would love to know.

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