Profile of a Homeschooled Olympian: David Boudia

David Boudia Press Photo

As we approach the 2008 Summer Olympics, now is a good time to talk about some Olympians who have been homeschooled. Being able to make education work around training through homeschooling is something many of these athletes have in common. David Boudia, a diver and Olympic hopeful acknowledges, “That if it was not for a home schooling he would not be free to pursue his life dream”. At the same time, “but never willing to compromise on his dedication to quality education.”

David Boudia was born to Jim and Sheilagh Boudia April 24, 1989 and was raised with two sisters, Shaila and Shauni. He is from Noblesville, Indiana. He attended public school, and dove for his high school team before he began homeschooling in order to train for the Olympics. When he is not training or homeschooling, he enjoys hanging out with his friends.

David Boudia has already accomplished a great deal in his competitive sports career. His medals include:

  • Bronze medal at 2007 FINA World Diving Championships men’s synchronized platform
  • Silver medal at 2008 Kaiser Permanente National Championships for men’s synchronized platform

  • Bronze Medal 2006 Kaiser Permanente National Championships men’s platform champion, men’s synchronized platform champion, men’s synchronized 3m
  • Bronze medal 2007 Speedo USA Diving Spring National Championships men’s platform
  • Won the men’s synchronized platform event at the Pan American Games with partner Thomas Finchum and the FINA World Championships, taking bronze on the 10-meter platform

David began diving in 2000 and trains 30 hours a week. His goal is to win the gold medal in diving at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Hopefully, he will do one of his favorite dives which are 207B (a backwards 3½ pike somersault) and 5255B (backwards 2½ pike somersault with 2½ twists).


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