Profile of a Mom: Britney Spears

Name: Britney Spears

Age: 24

Claim To Fame: Spears is, these days, famous just for being famous in addition to her pop singer-related fame. She makes headlines for her music but, most recently, she is in the news for all the celebrity gossip trinity: love, pregnancy and baby news.

Mommy Moment: Spears made headlines as a Mommy when she was caught by the paparazzi sneaking away in her car with her infant son on her lap. Spears has made millions off a combination of her talent and her beautiful-bimbo persona. The press and its readers love any peek into the superstar’s life that will cast her in the light we have grown to love and expect.

Spears has one son, 6 lb 11 oz Sean Preston, born to Spears and her new husband, Kevin Federline in September, 2005. Sean was born via scheduled c-section at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center. Federline was there for the operation and held Britney’s hand. Afterward, the new family settled into the hospital’s VIP suite where baby Sean never left Spears’ side.

Although Spears’ is rumored to take naps with baby Sean, like a good post-partum mommy, and Federline admits to changing diapers, baby Sean wouldn’t be a celebrity baby without a nanny! Things aren’t all sunshine and roses as they adjust to both new couplehood and new parenthood at the same time. There have been break-ups and reunions with new break-ups always in the rumor mills! There was even a recent argument over whether or not tiny Sean Preston should get his ear pierced (Dad: yes, Mom: no).

Beyond Babies: Spears made her Hollywood debut as a Mousketeer on the New Mickey Mouse Club when she was 11 – 13 years old. Following the fold of the show, she took a break for a few years before releasing her debut album as a pop star in 1999. Things have continued to soar for Spears ever since. Spears has taken a recent break from producing albums during her birth but is back in the studio preparing for future releases. Along with her phenomenally successful pop career, Spears has also authored a few books and appeared in movies and off-Broadway plays.