Project Life- A Different Way to Scrapbook

I ran across a different concept in scrapbooking that might be a great way for a person thinking about scrapbooking to try their hand at it. Although, this product is not specific to beginning scrappers, it can be used by anyone. I liked the idea of this as an avid scrapper myself, and thought I’d share.

The product is called Project Life. Started by a Mom passionate about scrapbooking, this is a cool way to get started on your scrapbooking for the upcoming year, or start it right now! Basically, it is a kit that can be either digital or in paper form that is created to help you scrapbook a year’s worth of memories.

Digital: This is the form I am thinking about trying myself. For someone who has never done digital scrapbooking, I’d like to try this out to see if it might be something I’d be interested in doing in the future. I love to take lots of photos, and they have two options in digital form. The first option is $99.99 and is created to let you scrapbook up to a photo a day for an entire year. The second option is a smaller book that is designed for less photos, and set up to do a month at a glance. That option is $49.99. They compare their product to shutterfly’s photo books, and end up being about $20 cheaper than if you were to create a photo book on shutterfly of the same length. From what I can tell on the website, this does not include a kit that you can use over and over like some digital scrapbooking kits you purchase. It is my understanding that each book you purchase would be the $99.99 price. However, there are discounts for ordering multiple books. But, it is designed to help you get a lot of photos into an album quickly, and it is bound, and delivered to your door! The books come in 8 1/2 x 11 size only.

Paper: The paper kit is not like your scrapbooking kit you might see in a monthly kit club. This kit is custom designed for this concept of scrapbooking an entire year. For example, the kit comes with a 12×12 album that has sheet protectors that are divided and custom made for the cards that come with the kit. The kit comes with designer cards that act as your embellishments. So, this does not leave room for a lot of creative interpretation. However, the albums and the cards are adorable that this kit comes with. I think this would be ideal for someone that want to get a lot of photos in an album in a short amount of time, but still give your album some personality. The paper kit is $49.99 and includes the following:

*The album (12×12)
*54 Page protectors
*12 monthly bookmarks
*12 sheets of designer card stock
*storage boxes
*365 journaling cards
*56 bifold journaling cards
*16 designer cards
*60 header cards to title your layouts
*60 3×4 designer cards
*Arrow and day of the week stickers
*Date stamp

Either way you choose to do this project, it is a different way to scrapbook that might be useful to people out there that want an album that looks cute and creative, but does not take a lot of work. While it’s not your traditional way of scrapbooking, it definitely seems to be worth the price. An added bonus is that this company was created by a Mom just like me and you! I love that!

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