Projects to Keep Kids Entertained

Okay, we all have those days when we are extra busy and the kids seem to be extra bored. These ideas will help keep little ones busy while you work on grown up projects.

Make a Poster

Give each of your children a piece of poster board and have them create a poster. Think of a theme or have the kids come up with one if you like. If not, just let them create whatever they choose, as long as both sides of the poster board are filled. They can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, stickers, or anything you allow them to use. Be sure to display the posters when they are finished.

Make up a Game

Have your kids make up their own game. They need to come up with rules and figure out exactly how the game should be played, while you’re working. Have them decide whether the game requires cards or a spinner to move the game pieces. They can make up some cards or build a spinner, and they can design game pieces from bottle tops or other found items. Give them a timeframe for when the rules should be ready, and let them know that you’ll take a break from working and help them construct the game when time is up. You can use craft foam, poster board, or cardboard for a game board or even for the game pieces. A spinner is simple to make from cardstock, poster board, or craft foam. Cut a circle and place on top of a square. Stick a brad through both pieces and open it underneath. Don’t secure it too tightly or the spinner won’t spin.

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Have your children choose five to ten items each (they can use toys, items they make themselves, or anything from around the house). Each child will hide his or her treasures (have your kids make lists of hiding places so they don’t forget where things are). After all the items are hidden, have your children make clues to help find each item. The clues can consist of written hints or drawings of items and hand drawn hints to their locations.