Proposed NJ Homeschool Legislation

When I reported the finding of the New Jersey Homeschool Association the other day, I promised more information regarding the proposed homeschool legislation.

The exact proposal can be found here

Here is my interpretation of the exact proposal.

  • Parents must submit a notarized letter to the school district each year that holds the name and age of students, the person who would be teaching them, the address and phone number of the homeschool location, and evidence that required subjects are taught in addition to up-to-date immunization records.
  • They would have to prove that there is no one living in the home who has bee convicted of a criminal offense in the last five years.
  • Number of education days would be set at 180 per year.
  • Families must follow the guidelines and sequences set forth by the commissioner of education.
  • Students may participate in public school activities granted they meed normal eligibility requirements.
  • Families may request loan of school books and materials for their children.
  • Children must take standardized tests.
  • School officials or school psychologists are given access to homeschool children.
  • At any point, a school official can deem your homeschooling program insufficient and force your child into public school.

Keep in mind that these laws have not been passed, and the chances of it actually happening is slim especially if homeschoolers rise up in usual fashion and being calling legislators to vote it down.

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