Pros and Cons of Send Home Projects

There are a few teachers that I know that enjoy having their students complete “send home” projects. These projects typically involve both the student and the parents completing some type of activity or craft.

These “send home” projects can be lengthy. The teachers usually allow the students at least one weekend to get them completed. Some teachers assign the project a week or more before it is due.

Some of the projects can be very time consuming for families. Some can even be costly. In some cases the parents end up doing much of the work and the child does not take part. Therefore the entire purpose of the project is missed.

Many parents may complain about the “send home” projects due to the time that they take. Most parents work and have other obligations when they get home. In most cases the child still has nightly homework in addition to the project.

When assigning these projects, the teachers must also take into consideration that some children do not have parents that will help them. These children are often embarrassed or upset by the projects that they return to school.

While there are negative aspects about sending home projects for students to complete there are also positive points too. These projects give the parents a reason to spend time with their children. They give the family something to work on and talk about together.

These projects help children gain a grasp of the long term papers and other college and high school projects that are in their future. Students can be proud of the time and hard work that they put into their project. They give the students something to take pride in completing.

In moderation, these projects can be great for both the children and the parents. However too many projects sent home can cause the idea to lose its effect.

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