Pros of Twins in the Same Classroom

Previously I discussed my shock that some schools have a policy in effect to keep twins and other multiples in separate classrooms.

When it comes to twins in the classroom, I can see both pros and cons of them being together and separate.

I can also understand how a teacher and a parent can have separate views. Parents know their children in a more comfortable home setting while teachers see the children in a completely different view. Many children act differently at school than at home.

While I feel that it is a teacher’s duty to do what is best for the children, I also believe that the parents should have a say in their child’s fate and education.

Below I have listed some pros of having your multiples in the same classroom.

Pros of Having Multiples in the Same Class

Reduction of separation and stress anxiety about beginning school
Beginning school can be a big move for many children. If the multiples have been together until this point, separation along with the introduction of school may be too overwhelming.

Same class assignments and homework for the children
When children are placed into different homerooms, they may experience different types of learning and teaching strengths. Parents may be forced to deal with different assignments and different learning. It can also be hard for the children to understand why one class is carrying out an activity that the other class is not carrying out, such as a field trip or party.

Children can have common friends
When the children are in different rooms, they will likely have different friends. While this can be positive it can also be hard. The children may struggle when one is invited to a birthday party or a slumber party and the other child is not invited.

To Separate or Not to Separate Twins in the Classroom

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