Protecting Your Home Business Investments

You may be such a small home-based business start-up that you do not even realize you HAVE investments–let alone ones that need to be protected. So, you don’t have millions of dollars invested in stocks, bonds, property and business equipment–what you do have invested in your home business deserves some looking after.

What constitutes an investment? Well, I think your computer, software, fax machine, cell phone, and any product or inventory you have is an investment. So is any education or training or certification you’ve received. I would also go as far as to say that we need to look after any licensing or zoning requirements we’ve had to meet. After all–anything that we’ve put time and money into in order to get our home businesses off the ground could constitute an investment.

Protecting our investments in our businesses mean we have to take ourselves and our efforts seriously. Don’t overlook maintenance and upgrades, or carefully choosing what you do with your “capital” when it comes to your home business. It can be easy to push things to the back burner thinking they are not as important as other things. But, that is not the case. Why should your home business be last in line for care and concern?

As example, I don’t let my kids clutter up the computer that I purchased for my business. Sure, I get a lot of flack that it is “newer” and “nicer” than the one they have upstairs–but if one of their mega games was to crash my computer–I wouldn’t be able to work, and we wouldn’t be able to eat! That makes it worth the care and protection right there. Look through your world and see what you use for your home business and where you have invested time and money–protect your investments just as you would any others, for the sake of your home business health!

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